Friday, June 6, 2014

{Weekend Makeover ~ Chippy Toy Chest Turned End Table}

One of my Shupp's Grove picks this year, during my annual Sister's Getaway Weekend, was this awesome aqua blue (my favorite color) side table, made out of reclaimed wood.  The vendor told me it came from her uncle's house and that they used it as a toy box when they were kids.  The top is hinged and opens to reveal a roomy spot to put lots of stuff into....I've got 2 kids so the possibilities are endless!

I love how you can see the wear and tear on the legs and the top (not pictured), where the tiny little hands flipped it open over and over again.  What's also interesting is all of the different kinds of bolts, nails, and screws that were used to put it together.  No leg is attached in the same manner, but it's a sturdy little piece!  One sunny weekend, my son helped me wash the dirt and grime off of it.  Then I sanded it down using a palm sander on another very windy day.   Thank goodness for the wind because it made me feel better about the possibility of the paint containing lead.  The huge gusts of wind whisked it all away!  

I wanted it to go in this spot...where an old stationery cabinet used to sit. That piece was purchased at a local barn sale.  The drawers don't come out too easily, but they work well enough to store seasonal items in it like sunscreen, sunglasses, and odds and ends like cell phone chargers and stuff like that.

I am contemplating repainting the front of my chippy aqua blue toy chest because some funky drip marks did not sand out like I thought they would.  I doubt I'll find an exact match to the paint, but I can sure try.  I'm considering using my new supply of CeCe Caldwell Chalk and Clay paint.  I'll post about that project if I ever get around to it.  Then, I'll apply a coat of finishing wax to seal in the paint completely and protect it.  

So, here it now sits in my family room.  I'm still deciding if I like it there.  It's quite a bit smaller than I imagined it to be.  

Now, my West Elm hack owl lamp has a new home where he can be seen a little better than in his last home, all tucked into the corner on the opposite side of our grey sectional couch.  I bought an ugly semi-realistic looking owl lamp complete with creepy, bright yellow eyes.  I spray painted it bright white.  It cost about $35 as opposed to the very costly brand new one at West Elm.  

Well, I hope you enjoyed hearing about some of my projects.  

As always, stay cozy!

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