Friday, January 27, 2012

{4th of July in January!}

If you talk to any creative type, they'll tell you that they have tons of unfinished, half-started, well-intentioned projects lying around their house.  Well, I'm no different.  Case in wedding day scrapbook.  I was married for about 8 years and have been divorced for over 2.  While I don't forsee myself finishing THAT project (ha-ha!), I have the itch to finish a lot of others! 

As us homebodies do, we like to hibernate in the winter inside our little caves.  I've got plenty of time to craft now that the cold, cold winter is settled in.  So, I pulled out this project that I've had half finished since last summer.  One of the Craft Night projects at my sister's house was making wreaths out of patterned paper cupcake liners.  

Mine was a take on "stars and stripes".  I couldn't find starry ones so polka dots would have to do.  Well, I underestimated how many liners I'd need so I had to quit early.  Since I ordered them online, it wasn't like I could run to Michael's or AC Moore to grab more.  They do, however have a nice selection there, so if you're interested in doing this project, they'd be a great resource.  Months later, even after I ordered more, they just sat in their package on my craft table.  When I finally finished the wreath portion, it sat un-decorated for yet more months!! 
Finally, this past weekend, I went in my craft closet to find something and there it was....staring at me...mocking me.  "You'll never finish me."  So I grabbed it, plugged in my hot glue gun, and dug into my vintage button and ribbon collection.  One nasty hot glue gun burn later, here you have it! 
As Always, Stay Cozy!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

{Home Baked Goodness}

What's better than a warm batch of homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies?  If you even bother answering anything other than "Nothing.", remove yourself from this blog immediately!  All kidding aside, I'd take these with me on a desert island if it was the only thing I could eat.
 While I'd end up being too fat to even be rescued from said island, I'd still choose these over any other food item.  The recipe is actually a "secret" one that was sort of handed down to me by my roommate from college and her husband.  Kim would go home from school every weekend and her parents would often send her home with a round tin of the most delicious chocolate chip cookies I've ever tasted.  They were heaven.  I'd never tasted anything like it.   
Oval Yellow Tin, 1950s {$14.24}
After college, I tried to recreate them to no avail.  Any time I asked about the recipe, she'd say "Oh, it's just the recipe from the Nestle's chocolate chip bag."  I don't think so!!  They never came out right.  Kim continued to make these for me and my family any time we came up to her house to visit.  Still, the same thing...just the recipe from the bag.  It went on like this for several years until they finally CRACKED!!  Although the recipe is, in fact, based on the one printed on the bag, there are a few minor details that make a major difference in texture and taste.  I like a chewy, yet subtly crispy chocolate chip cookie.  These are exactly that.
Vintage Aluminum Measuring Cups {$7.99}
If you're wondering, no I'm not going to give up the secrets!  Kim's father, John, passed away very suddenly this past October and every time I have made these cookies since, I think of him.  Her parents were like my own anytime I came to visit.  They made me feel so comfortable in their home and these cookies represent that feeling.  I will always remember him as a very kind man, his smile, and how he always treated me like one of his own.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

{Vintage Fabric & Button Rosettes}

My sister holds a monthly Craft Night at her home for some lady friends and these beauties were this month's project.  They're made by twisting and winding vintage strips of fabric and attaching it to a round of felt.  Add a cute vintage button to the center and voila!  You have an adorable way to showcase your stash of favorite vintage fabrics and buttons.  Some ladies attached theirs to headbands, others to barrettes and pins.  I am going to make some decorative throw pillows for my cozy guest bed!

Here's a link to a wonderful video tutorial by a woman named Erin Bassett.  We used hot glue for our Craft Night but she uses fabric glue so you can wash it if you happen to put it on a garment. 
As Always, Stay Cozy!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

{Snow Days}

I don't know about you, but I adore snow days.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's dangerous to drive in, but I'm a homebody and don't care to leave my house more than I have to, so it works out pretty nicely for me.  My son is with his Daddy this weekend and I did the laundry during the week, so I have some time to just sit around the house in my slippers and house sweater, as I like to call it.  Sounds more fashion-forward and less old lady-esque than "housecoat".  Look at her....she's so happy in hers.   
Vintage Sweater Pattern by {DiamondsAndPurlsUK
My dissatisfaction with sitting in an office all day long has inspired me to get blogging again.  I do love to write and my day job doesn't really allow me to express any creativity whatsoever.  In addition, my sister the artist found a great newsletter interface called Mail Chimp that we are both going to use to connect to our friends and followers.

In celebration of my future 1st Monthly Newsletter, I'm giving away a $25 Shopping Spree at my vintage shop, One Cozy Nest Vintage.  How it's going to work is after I get a decent amount of new subscribers, I will compose the first monthly newsletter announcing the winner.  I'll give that person a discount code to use when they make a purchase.  So, if you're feeling lucky or just want to stay informed about new One Cozy Nest Vintage updates and get special discounts, sign up below.

Plaid Wool Lap Blanket with Fringe {$23.99}
I woke up early to the sound of the icy mix tapping on my windows and I hopped out of bed...okay, I groggily slumped out of look out the window at the stark whiteness.  I love it.  I made myself a cup of hot tea and watched the poor birds try to scavenge on what remained of the birdseed.  I felt badly for them, so I donned my new snow boots and trudged out there to freshen up the feeder.

Little Birdie Wall Plaque with Hooks {$9.74}
I also sprinkled a fair share of seed on the ground for the mourning doves.  Hopefully Mr. Hawk will give them some peace today because I don't want to find tender bits of my birdies on the snow later.  I know, gross.  Here are a few more things that fit with the theme of the day - {KEEPING WARM!}   
Travel Coffee Set - Electric Pot, 2 Cups {$10.49}

Metal Advertising Wall Thermometer {$22.99}
Until next time, stay cozy!

One Cozy Nest