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I'm 37 years old and live with my husband (to be) and two children in a little red brick house just outside of Historic Bordentown City, NJ.    Our home is surrounded by enormous oak and locust trees and we spend lots of time underneath them, enjoying the fresh air and open space. I love all things vintage and anything with a history so naturally, one of my favorite things to do is to go to flea markets, antique stores, auctions, barn sales, and yard sales. I'm so fortunate that my husband (to be) enjoys doing these things with me.  When we're not junk-sifting, you can find me sewing or crafting, decorating, baking, gardening, or playing in my yard with my kids.

I grew up in a NJ town across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, PA.  As a young girl, living along the Rancocas Creek, I always had a passion for nature and the environment.  I dreamed of becoming a marine biologist and working for the EPA saving whales and dolphins.  While I didn't save any whales, I did work for the EPA as a summer intern the year before I graduated college.  I've been working in the environmental field ever since and I'm proud to say that I even got a Masters Degree in Environmental Policy.  Now, I work full time as an ecologist with dreams and aspirations of one day owning my own antiques/collectibles business.     

Growing up, my mom and older sister enjoyed perusing antique shops and would spend hours scouring the aisles of the local flea market.  I, however, loathed it.  I just didn't get it.  "Why would anyone want any of this old junk?" I'd whine and complain, asking over and over if they were done yet.  Well, I'm all grown up and something definitely clicked somewhere along the way.  Now I love old books and well-used linens.  I especially love anything science-related because I'm geeky like that.  I love advertising, boardgames, and wooden toys from decades past.  I love chipping paint and rusty metal.  I love coming home from the flea market, my fingers black, flip flops dusty, after sifting through boxes of junk and walking down aisle after aisle in the sun.  I've built my vintage shop, One Cozy Nest Vintage, out of love.  My love for nature.  My love for vintage.  My love for the thrill of the hunt.  I suppose it was in my blood all along.

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I sell vintage items on my Etsy store called One Cozy Nest Vintage.
I'm also an online sales specialist, selling items for others on Ebay under the username 1cozynest.

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