Sunday, January 22, 2012

{Vintage Fabric & Button Rosettes}

My sister holds a monthly Craft Night at her home for some lady friends and these beauties were this month's project.  They're made by twisting and winding vintage strips of fabric and attaching it to a round of felt.  Add a cute vintage button to the center and voila!  You have an adorable way to showcase your stash of favorite vintage fabrics and buttons.  Some ladies attached theirs to headbands, others to barrettes and pins.  I am going to make some decorative throw pillows for my cozy guest bed!

Here's a link to a wonderful video tutorial by a woman named Erin Bassett.  We used hot glue for our Craft Night but she uses fabric glue so you can wash it if you happen to put it on a garment. 
As Always, Stay Cozy!

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